This page describes Commercial Pricing.  Excuse the dust - some elements are currently under construction.

Philosophy: Pricing and Availability

We believe Automated Business Logic confers remarkable value, and we have designed Pricing and Availability to make it easy for you to try it:
  • The full product is available as a download for evaluation, development and testing. It includes source.

  • Small systems (e.g., pilots) can be deployed without charge, although you must obtain a proper Community license

  • Tiered pricing is according to value, a simple scheme that is proportional to the number of Domain Objects automated (Logic Objects in the table below)

  • We want to enable/encourage the development of packaged applications.  Development is supported by the full product download, and production requires an appropriate pricing model that spreads costs over multiple installations

  • Support pricing is not the conventional "formula based on License price" - it is set to enable us to provide the kind of first class support we believe is appropriate for mission critical systems
We reserve the right to alter this pricing schedule, without notice.

Commercial Pricing Schedule

These apply to organizations who purchase the software directly for in-house applications.  Application size is not the number of tables in the database - it is the Business Logic Components.  Domain objects without logic (e.g., code tables) are not counted.

Application Size (# Logic Objects) License type Cost
1 - 12 Community edition Free
13 - 25 Small department $495
26 - 50 Medium department $2,000
51 - 100 Large department $5,000
101 - 200 Small enterprise $12,000
201 - 400 Medium enterprise $30,000
401+ Large enterprise call

For volume discounts (5 apps and more), please contact us.  

Commercial Annual Support

Community support : free
- email support (best effort)
- access to discussion board
- no maintenance, must download updates

Basic support:
- email support
- access to all online resources
- no response time guarantee
- incident cap : 3

Silver support:
- Plus:
- limited phone support for 3 incidents
- one screen sharing session

Gold support:
- phone support for up to 7 incidents
- 3 screen sharing sessions
- response within 2 business days for production problems, 4 days for development down

Platinum support:
- phone support for up to 20 incidents
- 6 screen sharing sessions
- response within 1 business day for production-down problems, 3 days for development down

Support TypeEmail
Response (Production, Development down)


Gold?732, 4
Platinum?2061, 3

Small deptFree$2,000$3,000$7,000$15,000
Med deptFree$3,000$5,000$10,000$20,000
Lrg deptFreeN/A$8,000$14,000$25,000
Small entN/AN/A$10,000$20,000$30,000
Med entN/AN/A$15,000$28,000$40,000
Large entN/AN/A$20,000$37,000$50,000

Support Guidelines

To serve you better, we respectfully recommend:
    1. Appoint a designated contact for each project, who will
      1. Vet issues
      2. check for duplicates / existing issues
      3. Be thoroughly familiar with BusLogicIntro samples
    2. The chances of providing a useful and timely response go up exponentially if we can recreate the problem
      1. Please include sample code, data and run instructions, and a database diagram of relevant objects (hand sketch is fine)
      2. When impractical, please try to recreate in BusLogicIntro
If we determine that a support call represents a services need (i.e., need assistance in how to solve a problem), we will formally notify you of that, and, at your option, convert the incident into a paid support engagement.


Software firms that develop packages for repeated re-sales can develop using the download. Special License pricing is available for each installation. These are typically paid by the developing software firm, who also provides support. These are typically negotiated based on the cost of the resold project. These range from revenue sharing at the low end, to large volume discounts (negotiated separately) at the high end.

Special Arrangements

We are also eager to meet the needs of non-profit and educational institutions. Please contact us and we'll be delighted to work something out with you.