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Install Types

Full Product vs. Framework Demos

There are several install options.  You can select any or all:
  • Full Product (developer version) - highly recommended
This will enable you to see the full BusLogicDemo implementation, and also see the BusLogicIntro used in the training Tutorial.  This includes a full product version you can use to develop, debug and run logic applications, as well as the product source and tests; you will want to use it within an IDE such as Eclipse.

  • Maven

    The Spring and Grails Framework Demos utilize Maven, a powerful build system.  For simplicity, the other downloads are simply zip files.
    Framework demos
These are intended to illustrate how Automated Business Logic works with frameworks that support Hibernate/JPA.  These do not include the full product, so we recommend you download your target framework demo plus the Full Product.

  • JSP Demo Only
Click here install the executable demo BusLogicDemo package, consisting of a war file and Tomcat server.  This will enable you to try various transactions.  It does not require an IDE, and it does not include the product required to develop logic applications.  For that, use the preceding option.