Grails STS Installation

A word of caution: please rely on STS/Grails documentation for installation.  We occasionally experience surprises in installation, so we offer this in hopes it helps you.

Install STS

Find the proper STS installer here:
  • Mac - you probably want SpringSource Tool Suite 2.8.1.RELEASE Mac 64 bit Cocoa (optionally, change the default install location to \Applications to conform to Mac conventions)

  • Windows - when installing, do not install into Program Files, since that will later interfere with Grails/Groovy

Create Workspace Folder

Create a workspace folder for BusLogicDemoGrails, eg, BusLogicDemoGrailsWS.

Install Grails

First, open the workspace above, and proceed as described Grails STS Installation, to install the current production version.  Use the options shown below (Help > Dashboard > Extensions: Grails, Grails Support).

You may also wish to select source control support, such as Subversive.

At right is an example of the install state after this procedure (click for full image size):

Upgrade to Grails 2.0.3

The procedure above installs the default version of Grails, including its tooling.  ABL demos and tutorials require Grails 2.0.3 version, or higher.  As of this writing, the default was not 2.0.3.

From the Grails download page, obtain Grails 2.0.3 (version noted above).  Unzip to your desired location (e.g., within the springsource install).

Next, you must configure each workspace you wish to use for Grails 2.0.3.   Select Preferences > Groovy > Grails as shown below:

Prior Releases

Prior to 2.8.1, the Grails upgrade was more tricky, for the current release, you do not need to follow these procedures.