Declare complex, multi-table logic
Video below, explained here


Develop and deploy for free
using the Mozilla License


Engine plugs into Hibernate events
No recoding, automated integrity

Easy to adopt

Getting started is fast and easy

Use the Evaluation Guide to find out more about ABL.


Declarative: 100x code reduction - get to market andrespond to change faster.

Extensible: use Java or Groovy to address complex problems.

Transparentspreadsheet-likebusiness logic is a common language for Business Users and IT - reduces requirements risk.

Reduced TCO

Maintenance Automation from fully automated dependency management on every change. 

Compliance Automation from
automated re-use (Rete engines require explicit calls).
Performance automation reduces hardware costs and tuning effort.


  • OpenXava and ABL We quite like OpenXava's declarative approach to UI, it fits very nicely with our own declarative transaction logic. We've been working with them to make sure the two ... 
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  • Open Source We want you to be able to try and use ABL without any barriers.  So, we are excited to announce that release 2.1.6 initiates our Open Source initiative ... 
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