SmartGWT integration has been proved as follows:

  1. Obtain the Daily Build of the Enterprise Edition Evaluation
  2. Run the samples/JPADS sample under Eclipse:
    1. Create a new, empty workspace
    2. Import Existing Project: samples/JPADS
    3. Check Copy Project to Workspace
    4. Run as Web Application
  3. Stop the Web Server
  4. Add Business Logic 
    1. Proceed as described under Configuration, with the following additional steps
      1. Remove javaassist-3.4.X.jar from the build path
      2. Add commons-jexl, javassist-3.12 and groovy-all
    2. Specify the Business Logic Component as shown below
  5. Restart the Web Application
    1. Enter "dummy" as shown for a Country Name, observe the resultant dialog box (and stacktrace)

Status note: while the logic exception is properly thrown, this example makes it clear that it needs to be re-badged for a proper error dialog.