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Bob Evans (CIO at multiple companies, currently COO)

"I have served as CIO for multiple Fortune 500 companies over the last several decades, and, like others, have been challenged to create increasing value from IT expenditures. One key tactic I embraced was the use of tools that abstracted the underlying technology from the business processes and rules.  This focus is the sweet spot of IT value creation. In this effort, I have successfully used predecessor technologies to ABL in several enterprise class systems.  The results were consistent: dramatic gains in agility, reduced learning curves, excellent systems performance, and much lower support costs. I would confidently expect the same from ABL.

While these experiences constitute a very strong technical story, my bottom line assessment is that focusing first and foremost on automating business logic creates a corporate advantage: not only the agility to respond to business change, but also the alignment of the needs of business users and IT by using business logic as the common language.  This has resulted in significant improvements in the project success rates.

I have found the biggest challenge is to get buy-in from the IT developer teams in adopting what initially appears to be a radical approach. The tools require a disciplined approach to design and development.  I have been able to address these concerns by pointing out that declarative systems (properly architected) are extensible, using standard Java object oriented technology.  Not only does this deliver the business results required, the developer can abandon cookie-cutter coding for creative expression through pattern recognition and re-usable logic."

Fernando Vazquez Núñez (CEO Imatia)

"We were so impressed by the promise of ABL to deliver agility and transparency that we became a Development Partner.  I am glad to report that our high expectations have been exceeded.  We estimate that the Business Logic portions of our projects are now much lower risk, are being completed at a fraction of the time with much higher quality, performance and transparency.  Now as an integral part of our Ontimize product family, we are able to deliver premier business value for our customers."

Alejandro Pallarés (Senior Developer, Imatia)

"ABL allowed us to reduce the logic development time in a sensible way, due to the fact that the learning curve is really slow and the expressiveness of the rules reduced the amount of code needed to perform the business tasks.  Furthermore, the maintenance time is estimated to be dramatically reduced."

Javier Casabella (Project Manager, Imatia)

"ABL reduces the development time as well as the testing periods, being really easy to test that the project meets the requirement's use cases. Using ABL code is more structured, reducing the complexity of the maintenance tasks.  By using ABL we estimate that the project cost is reduced by 55%."

Cibrán Ledo (Project Manager, Imatia)

"I would also like to inform you that we have put another application in production, and that the results are promising.  Being executed on a virtual server (1Ghz, 512Gb memory), performance is remarkable, as well as it was the time to the market, even with the learning curve included. I expect maintenance to be really simple."