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Release 2.1.10

Build date:
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New in this release:

  • Recompute can now invoke actions

Standard editionABL engine, demo20 M
Professional editionABL engine, demo, extensions22 M
Grails demoDemo project for Grails 2158 K
Play demoDemo project for Play 1.465 K
Spring demoDemo project for Spring46 K
ZK demoDemo project for ZK18 M

Significant changes:

  • Recompute's Engine class has two new constructors, one taking a Hibernate Session, one taking an EntityManagerFactory. This makes it possible to have fine-grained control when invoking Recompute from the API.
  • The EarlyAction, Action and CommitAction annotations now accept a parameter invokeDuringRecompute.

Bug fixes:

  • RecomputeListener's recomputeStarted and recomputeEnded methods now get properly invoked.
  • There was a bug in Recompute, whereby if two attribute names overlapped (e.g. "total" and "total2"), incorrect SQL could be generated.