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Release 2.1.11

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New in this release:

  • Several significant bugs fixed
  • Change in logic flow when an Action causes a change (directly or indirectly) in the same object. All child LogicRunners are now marked as skipCascade, which defers all parents adjustments and cascading to the initiating LogicRunner. This change should be transparent to all users, but may be noticed in the logs.

Standard editionABL engine, demo20 M
Professional editionABL engine, demo, extensions22 M
Grails demoDemo project for Grails 2159 K
Play demoDemo project for Play 1.465 K
Spring demoDemo project for Spring47 K
ZK demoDemo project for ZK18 M

Significant changes:

  • In prior releases, BusLogicExt InsertIntoFrom avoided copying over non-null values.  This resulted in some bugs in the Bill of Materials example, so this release corrects this behavior as described here.

Bug fixes:

  • Bug 25: setting a parent to null in a @Count would cause a NullPointerException
  • Bug 21: an action that, directly or indirectly, caused a change to the same object, could result in incorrect aggregates
  • Unreported bug: @Count attributes had to be integers, they can now be any numeric type
  • Bug 23: XML logic manager now produces better error message if system compiler is not available (i.e. if running in a JRE instead of a JDK)
  • Bug 24: XML logic manager can now accept a classpath parameter, which is required in managed environments (such as Tomcat) where the application's classpath is not used by the system compiler.