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Release 2.1.9

Build date:
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New in this release:

  • Engine now supports different sets of logic for different session factories/entity manager factories
  • OneToOne relationships are now supported

Standard editionABL engine, demo20 M
Professional editionABL engine, demo, extensions22 M
Grails demoDemo project for Grails 2158 K
Play demoDemo project for Play 1.465 K
Spring demoDemo project for Spring46 K
ZK demoDemo project for ZK18 M

Significant changes:

  • Two new classes have been introduced:
    • LogicEngine represents a context for the engine for a specific SessionFactory or EntityManagerFactory
    • LogicEngineManager retrieves the proper instance of LogicEngine for a given SessionFactory or EntityManagerFactory
  • Implementations of com.autobizlogic.abl.logic.BusinessLogicFactory must now have a public constructor which takes one parameter of type LogicEngine
  • Implementations of com.autobizlogic.abl.BusinessLogicFinder must now have a public constructor which takes one parameter of type LogicEngine
The impact of all these changes should be nil for almost everyone, unless you are using some internal ABL API's, such as MetaModelFactory.getHibernateMetaModel. If you do, you should use LogicEngine.getMetaModel instead.

Bug fixes:

  • No significant bug fixes