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Release 2.2.0

Build date:
Build number:

New in this release:

  • Inheritance is now supported, both for data and for logic
  • Logging has been improved
  • It is now possible to invoke a method in a logic object without modifying the persistent object
  • Logic loop detection can be turned off, for instance in cases of recursive logic

Standard editionABL engine, demo20 M
Professional editionABL engine, demo, extensions22 M
Grails demoDemo project for Grails 2159 K
Play demoDemo project for Play 1.465 K
Spring demoDemo project for Spring47 K
ZK demoDemo project for ZK18 M

Significant changes:

  • It is now possible to use Hibernate's inheritance mechanisms for persistent objects, and to use inheritance for logic objects.

Bug fixes:

  • Bug 28: recompute does not work properly for min/max
  • Bug 29: Null exception getting Use Case Name during recompute execution
  • Bug 34: ABL does lot of checks after an update