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Logicdoc Installation

This describes how to install and verify LogicDoc.


LogicDoc is an extension of GroovyDoc that generates documentation for your Business Logic, organized into Use Cases with traceability into your logic.  The LogicDoc classes are part of the product Download, contained in the project BusLogicDoc.  This page explains how to install LogicDoc, and verify its operation by running it on the BusLogicIntro project.


LogicDoc requires that you download Graphviz (TM) and configure its location: 


Complete the Download Installation and Verification if you have not already done so.

Open your AutomatedBusinessLogic workspace (created from the Download procedure), and Import > Existing Project > BusLogicDoc.


The BusLogicIntro/build/LogicDoc.xml ant script is provided to run Logicdoc.  After setup verification (described below), you can run it as follows (Eclipse instructions):
  1. Double-click BusLogicIntro/build/LogicDoc.xml

  2. In the Outline window, select Logicdoc [default] (the default target)

  3. Right-click Run to Run As > Ant Build

Trouble Shooting: LogicDoc unable to find Javadoc

This may fail initially, depending on your Eclipse installation.  A common failure is the inability to find Javadoc.  As described here, you can repair this as follows:
    1. Ensure that your JRE is pointing to a JDK, not simply a JRE (note: Java often installs in Program Files as a JRE; you need obtain a full JDK, which you can recognize by its name, and the existence of lib/tools.jar).

    2. Ensure your Ant target is linked to this JDK: select Logicdoc [default] (the default target)

    3. Right-click Run to Run As > Ant Build... (the "..." will take you a a properties sheet)

    4. In the ensuing Edit Configuration window, select the JRE tab, and select the JDK.  You may need to select a "Separate JRE" to resolve the issue.