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Processing Table


System ProcessingWhat it means
Design Time
Declare logic
None - system architecture is runtimeEasy to integrate into your architecture:
  • No generated code to manage

  • No model to integrate (the model is the class + annotations)
Issue Hibernate updates
Runtime handles client update (as Hibernate event)Easy adoption - no recoding

Guaranteed integrity - Automatic Code Re-use
 Finds Business Logic Component Class

 Prunes Logic per actual changesAutomatic Performance Optimization
 Invokes logic - dependence orderingAgility - eliminates entire class of work/error
 Forward Chains to related ObjectsAutomatic Design Re-use

Performance - adjustment logic
 Raises Exception of violated ConstraintsAutomatic Transaction Bracketing
Change logic
Consult (or build) LogicdocInsight into requirements, with... 
Traceability to logic that implements them
 All Execution services above are performed on changed logic Maintenance Automation: