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Write your Hibernate/JPA apps twice as fast
100X less business logic code (50% of your app!)
Using rules processed by our Open Source business logic engine
Plug and Play for Hibernate/JPA - try it in 5 minutes


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Easy to Adopt

Components fit into your...
  • Architecture (e.g., cloud)
  • Framework *
  • Language (Java, Groovy)
  • Tools (IDE Editor, Debugger)

Priced to promote adoption

Declarative: 100x code reduction - get to market faster, respond to change faster.

 use Java or Groovy to address complex problems.

Transparent: reduce Requirements Risk with
spreadsheet-like business logic - a common IT / Business User language.
Reduced TCO

Maintenance Automation from fully automated dependency management - on every change. 

Compliance Automation from automated re-use (Rete engines require explicit calls). 

Performance automation reduces hardware costs and tuning effort.

Val Huber,
Sep 11, 2011, 1:07 PM