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Logic Engine
for JPA/Hibernate
  Plugs in to Hibernate/JPA to automate your transactional business logic...

So you can express in 1 declarative rule the equivalent of 100 lines of Java.

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Too good to be true?  Check out this example...

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  1. Constraint: balance < creditLimit

  2. balance = sum(orders.total
              where paid = false)

  3. order.total = sum(lineitems.amount)

  4. lineitem.amount = quantity * partPrice

  5. lineitem.partPrice = copy(part.price)

Automation means these rules are
automatically ordered, re-used and optimized..      

... every time you make a change.                                    Download (includes sample)

Compare this to the 500 line manual alternative 

Easy to Adopt

  • The rules are defined using Java or Groovy
  • They are created and debugged using your IDE
  • The engine fits easily into any system that uses Hibernate


Less code means you can:
  • develop systems faster
  • change them easily
  • test them more completely

Reduced TCO

The engine invokes all relevant rules, in the correct order, every time they are needed.

The rules are automatically optimized.

The engine is reasonably priced.