Business Logic for Hibernate.  Simple as a Spreadsheet

Our unique declarative approach uses 
spreadsheet-like business abstractions, so that...

 Instead of writing 
200 lines of Java code
 Just declare these 
5 business-oriented rules
  1. Constraint: balance < creditLimit

  2. balance = sum(orders.total where paid = false)

  3. order.total = sum(lineitems.amount)

  4. lineitem.amount = quantity * partPrice

  5. lineitem.partPrice = copy(part.price)

    Automation means these rules are
    automatically ordered, re-used and optimized...

    ... every time you make a change

    Too good to be true? Check it out

Subtracting code adds a lot...

For Business Users:

For IT Professionals:

Turning 500 lines of code into 5 rules means you get to market faster, and respond to change faster.


Those 5 rules look like spreadsheet formulas.  So Business Users can read them.  

Rules solve complex logiclike a Bill of Materials explosion.  With full Java Extensibility.

No recoding. 
No code generation.
Re-use is automated. Runtime Performance is Enterprise-class.

Val Huber,
Apr 28, 2012, 12:01 PM
Val Huber,
Apr 28, 2012, 12:01 PM