Open Source

Automated Business Logic is an enthusiastic member of the open source movement. We believe that, nowadays, it's no longer acceptable to run software without full access to its source code. We use a fair amount of open source software ourselves, and we want our users to have the same freedom.

ABL ("Standard Edition")

The Standard Edition of ABL, simply called ABL, is fully open source: it is available at no cost to anyone, can be used for just about any purpose, and is only subject to ABL's public license, which is essentially the Mozilla Public License 1.1.

The complete source tree for ABL is available on Sourceforge and Github. It also comes with all the downloads from this site, and with the Maven components. ABL is also freely redistributable, either in other open-source projects, or in commercial products. 

The biggest restriction on ABL is that you cannot modify it without making your changes available under the same license as the original code. This is to keep this project open source, and to prevent proprietary forks. You're welcome to extend or modify the engine as long as you share those changes.

ABL Pro ("Professional edition")

The Professional Edition of ABL, called ABL Pro, is a bit different. Although it comes with full source, and is available to anyone for development and testing, it is not free for production use. This makes it almost, but not quite, open source. It is subject to ABL's commercial license. For production use, you'll need to get a license from ABL. Pricing is based on the number of logic objects you use, which is usually around half the number of database tables in a typical transactional application.

Differences between the standard edition and the professional edition

 Functionality  ABL  ABL Professional
   Logic annotations  yes  yes
   Standard demos  yes  yes
   Framework demos  yes  yes
   Logic extensions  no  yes
   Full source  yes  yes
   Run-time bytecode dependency analysis  no  yes
   Dynamic logic reloading (jar and database)  no  yes
   Dynamic logic reloading (class-based)  yes  yes
   Logic console  no  yes
   Free for development and testing  yes  yes
   Free for production  yes  no
   Freely redistributable  yes  no*

*: the Professional edition is freely redistributable only for very small projects. See the commercial license for details.