We believe Automated Business Logic confers remarkable value, and we have designed pricing and availability to make it easy to try:
  • The full product is available as a download for evaluation, development and testing

  • Small systems (e.g., pilots) can be deployed without charge

  • Tiered pricing is according to value, a simple scheme that is proportional to the number of Domain Objects that have Business Logic (Logic Objects in the table below)

  • We want to enable/encourage the development of packaged applications.  Development is supported by the full product download, and production requires an appropriate pricing model that spreads costs over multiple installations

  • Support pricing is not the conventional "formula based on License price" - it is set to enable us to provide the kind of first class support we believe is appropriate for mission-critical systems
We reserve the right to alter this pricing schedule, without notice.

For any questions about licensing, please see our Licensing page.

What can you do with the product for free?

To promote the use of the engine, we're making it free for all uses except for production deployments.

Production deployments must obtain a license, unless they are small enough to use a Community license.

Commercial Pricing Schedule

These prices apply to organizations that purchase the software directly for in-house applications.  Application size is not the number of tables in the database - it is the number of business logic components (aka logic classes).  Domain objects without logic (e.g., lookup tables, code tables) are not counted.

Prices are not affected by the specifics of deployment: an application deployed on one server is the same price as one deployed on 10 servers (or in a cloud). Each separate application requires its own license, however.

Application Size (# Logic Objects) License type Cost
1 - 12 Community Free
13 - 25 Small department $495
26 - 50 Medium department $2,000
51 - 100 Large department $5,000
101 - 200 Small enterprise $12,000
201 - 400 Medium enterprise $30,000
401+ Large enterprise $75,000

For volume discounts (5 apps and more), please contact us.


Organizations or individuals who develop packages for repeated re-sales can develop using the download. Special License pricing is available for each installation. These are typically paid by the developing organization, who also provides support. These are typically negotiated based on the cost of the resold project. These range from revenue sharing at the low end, to large volume discounts (negotiated separately) at the high end. Please contact us for more information.